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Professional content marketing agency in Roanoke that creates and distributes content that compels and converts

Compelling Content Converts

Websites for businesses have plenty of purposes, from establishing the brand’s credibility to creating an online presence. One of the bottom line purposes of a website for your business is to convert people into paying customers. When done right, you can achieve all these with effective content marketing services.

For over 10 years, MJI Marketing has been providing full service marketing for clients across different industries. With our team of highly skilled content writers, we bring a business closer to success one word at a time.  MJI Marketing provides content marketing plans and with combined services can share to social media platforms to increase traffic.

What We Offer

Our Roanoke-based content marketing agency offers a full suite of services to businesses across the country. These services are essential to the growth of your brand.

We are able to provide the following:

  • Answer your audience’s queries.
  • Fill your website with relevant information.
  • Provide customers with a clear understanding of your brand by creating content that is engaging.
  • Provide content marketing plan to grow your audience.
  • Provide social media content for social media posts that works with your content.

With 3.5 billion Google searches performed each day, for a whopping 1.2 trillion searches performed each year, optimizing your appearance in these search results is essential to driving the traffic you want and need, and our marketing team can help you with this.

Our digital marketing agency can provide different types of content marketing and the marketing solutions your business needs to achieve these results through effective content creation. Many ad agencies will suggest digital advertising, such as ads to be displayed on google search results. But our online agency can provide you with high-quality content that will be much more cost-effective than ads, particularly when combined with effective social media management. Using social media platform to engage with your audience about the topics on their minds will help them land on your website. We can use inbound marketing to ensure we are engaging your target audience and cultivating their loyalty. We also work to address the pain points of your audience to let them know you understand and can meet their needs.

Included in our content marketing packages are the following:

Page Content

Attract potential customers with compelling content on your home page, service pages, and other parts of your website.

Blog Posts

Position yourself as an authority within your industry. Use informative and engaging blog posts that answer your audience’s questions and provide great content. Become the thought leader in your niche.

Product Copy

Present your product in the strongest way possible. Use the kind of content copy that stands out and entices readers to carry out an action. Successful content marketing strategies require search engines and research to reach your target audience.

eBooks and White Papers

Capture leads in exchange for well-researched eBooks and white papers, formatted with infographics, text, and the right visual appeal. Make these part of your content marketing campaigns and provide case studies to showcase your service or product. Creating high-quality landing pages that include these downloadable eBooks and white papers has been great for leads.

Press Releases

Raise awareness about your new products, services, and other plans with large coverage areas for your press releases. This should always be a part of your content strategy and your content marketing efforts as it can increase your backlinks. Adding a piece of content such as a press release increases your organic traffic as well.

Don’t Be Content with Mediocre Content

Content marketing is one of the cheapest and easiest forms of marketing. 

At MJI Marketing, we offer professional content writing services that allow your small business to:

Why Choose Us?

Web Content Marketing Expertise

The team at MJI Marketing, a content marketing agency, is comprised of professional content writers.

We have a great grasp of the language and are able to research any industry. So, you can rest assured that you’re placing your trust in highly capable hands. We are b2b marketers and b2c marketers. We are not a content marketing institute; our services are customized for each business. Our agency work consists of creating individualized content for your website that will help you achieve your business goals.

Personalized Solutions

We don’t believe every approach should be the same, especially for your website’s copy. Instead, our online marketing agency offers content marketing services tailored to each client’s needs and preferences.

Compulsively Readable Copies

Our professional content marketing writers create blogs, eBooks, and website content that engage readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a team of professional content writers with an excellent command of the English language, great research skills, and more than a decade of experience. So, it’s safe to say that you can expect engaging, readable, and informational content.

Our team offers a full suite of copywriting services to businesses in Roanoke and beyond, including blog writing, product copywriting, and on-page content. Each of these come with a consultation with our staff so we can get to know your brand and represent it correctly on page.

Publishing once or twice a week can be a difficult feat, but doing so increases the efficacy of your blogs. Constant blogging means being connected to your audience and answering most of their potential questions.
We write blogs of varying length, from short, 500-word ones to long form content that offers a more in-depth discussion of every topic.

MJI Marketing is here to help small businesses succeed, so we offer competitive prices for all our copywriting services. Our Roanoke based company offers rates per blog post that depend on the length and type of content you wish for us to make. When you work with us, our consultation will cover this and we can discuss pricing.

Improved SEO Rankings

Content marketing is all about providing better quality content that answers a user’s queries. The best page that accomplishes this usually is the highest in search engines.

Are you answering users’ questions? If so, you will be ranking higher on your other pages as well. A piece of advice, add value for your audience. This is accomplished with content marketing.

Content Marketing Affects Long-Term Results

Learn how content marketing affects long-term results. It is unlike any other form of marketing because it is designed to build long-lasting relationships. In fact, there is no way to determine how long a particular content marketing campaign will last. Many businesses are unsure how to properly design a content marketing strategy.

This differs from traditional methods of marketing. It is not intended to be forgotten as soon as the campaign is over. It is designed to add value over a long period of time. It is also designed to be consistently updated and improved.

Content marketing does not depend on a budget for media communications like TV, radio, and newspaper. It also does not require a large number of salespeople in order to grow a business. Instead, it works by providing content to consumers, such as branding content or other types of content that provide value to the consumer.

The contributions made by content marketing are cumulative. Every page added to a website contributes to the website’s search engine rankings and thus the business’s online visibility.

Every blog post, YouTube video, or Facebook post builds the reputation of the business. Every customer review improves the business’s reputation. Content marketing is therefore a long-term investment in building a business.

Boosted Traffic with Content Marketing

As you get boosted rankings you also get greater traffic. Search engines like Google and Bing consistently crawl your website and look for things to index and increase search results.

Your online visibility will grow and grow as you continue to add more content, such as new blogs or video content. This will increase your traffic. Skilled content marketing is the best for more organic traffic.

Reduced Marketing Costs

Content marketing can have an upfront cost for creating valuable content. However, this far outweighed when you compare it to other advertising methods. With regular advertising services, the majority of advertisements are wasted and often never even viewed by the consumer. Also, with ad-blockers installed on more and more devices, you often end up paying for nothing.

Another consideration with this type of marketing, potential customers can be brought to your brand when they are ready to make a purchase. By providing relevant, engaging content, your brand can create a sense of loyalty that keeps customers returning for years to come. It takes time and effort to create a steady source of revenue using content marketing.

Brand Authority

By educating consumers and providing them with informative content, you have the chance to influence how visitors see your brand. Quality content should not be focused on sales. Your content should provide honest, informative articles that will convince visitors that your brand is an “it” resource.

More than 90 percent of buyers will research potential purchases before actually buying. Place your brand in a strong position to be their go-to resource when it comes time to spend their money.

Reach out to other websites to provide guest posts. This helps you appear like the go-to person in your field. Therefore, you become a “thought leader” and further boost your brand’s credibility with consumers.

Long-Term Strategy Brings Results

For long-term marketing, a well-thought-out content marketing strategy is hard to beat. If you are providing consumers with valuable and informative content, your business can boost its visibility.

This will also improve your authority with potential customers. This strategy can build leads for years to come with far fewer costs than other advertising methods. Though other strategies may offer more short-term benefits, content marketing is difficult to compete with for long-term results.

Greater Brand Awareness

With strong content, you can show consumers what your brand stands for. As your quality content attracts a larger audience, your brand’s material will often be linked to other sources. Consumers are likely to think of your brand when they start down the path to purchasing a related product or service. This can build leads for years to come, even well after an article is published.

More Qualified Leads

One of the largest concerns for marketers today is generating leads. Studies have shown that brands that regularly blog generate over 60 percent more leads than their non-blogging competitors. Try providing some downloadable content such as checklists or infographics that require users to fill out a form. This helps you to build your mailing list and provide users with more relevant content, coupons, and special offers.

One of the best parts of content marketing is that after an article is published, it keeps providing returns. No matter how old an article is, it will still appear on search results and can still generate leads.

Try updating every once in a while. It allows your content to stay fresh and you can keep content “evergreen”. Make it an asset for your business.

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