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The First Step for a Reason

While many may think email marketing is a dying art, in reality it is anything but. Email marketing is still an important technique for marketing and sales teams in a variety of sectors and business types today. Without spending a fortune, a clever mixture of email marketing, educational newsletters, and actionable landing pages provide businesses with a large arsenal of marketing tools, not to mention an increase in customer engagement. Email marketing remains a rapid and successful approach to engage and nurture leads into loyal customers, with a high ROI percentage. In fact, the first step of building a successful marketing campaign often includes building out a robust email marketing strategy, and our Roanoke email marketing team can help you get your business’ customer engagement off and running!

What We Offer

Customization is king, and we have the keys to the kingdom. Our Roanoke-based email marketing team can create a custom email marketing for you and your business. Whether it’s design or copy, we have your back. Your email marketing campaigns are tailored to you and your brand’s color scheme, style, tone, and strategy. We offer a customizable variety of templates, styles, and concepts to get your message across no matter what you’re working with.

On top of that, basic newsletters alone aren’t the only options anymore. Building out robust campaigns also can include features like custom autoresponders that allow you to keep in contact with your customers for important events. When a birthday or anniversary pops up, automatically generated emails based upon your parameters can be sent. New users can be automatically sent a welcome email, or a recent purchase can trigger a thank-you email.

To get a visual idea of the content our Roanoke email marketing team can provide for you, check out our Email Marketing Portfolio here.

Included in our email marketing customer engagement packages are:

Content Creation

Contact List Creation

Monthly Reporting & Rankings

Information Where It’s Wanted

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