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Every business wants to be found easily online by those who need their services the most. The top brands make sure they’re highly visible when Googled, front and center. Why should your brand be any different? With 3.5 billion Google searches performed each day, for a whopping 1.2 trillion searches performed each year, optimizing your appearance in these search results is essential to driving the traffic you want and need.

Your business can find its way to the top of the search results with our Roanoke search engine optimization services, by SEO specialists.

Monthly SEO Dashboard Report


See the progress with our SEO Monthly Report with our SEO services.

What We Offer

MJI Marketing is a Roanoke search engine optimization (SEO) agency of specialists in search engine optimization services for startups and small businesses. MJI Marketing has clients all across Virginia, as well as throughout the USA, with experience and knowledge to make you stand out.

Our SEO specialists optimize your website with a combination of keywords, perform technical SEO, optimize your GMB listing, and complete other SEO tasks. We’re devoted to making sure your website is more prominent in the search rankings than ever before.

Here is an example of how SEO services were integrated into one of our client’s websites: Visit our Case Study here.

Included in our search engine optimization packages are:

Keyword Research

Our Roanoke team of SEO specialists with identify keyword with high-demand and phrases likely to generate leads.

Technical SEO Evaluation

We will observe and analyze the health of your website and make recommendations to improve search engine optimization capability.

Monthly Reporting & Rankings

Campaign progress and updates will be shared on a monthly basis in easy-to-read, effective reporting. Showing relevant rankings on Google and other search engines.

The Benefits of Boosting Your Google Visibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine optimization is the practice of ranking a website on the search engines such as Google to increase its visibility when users search for relevant keywords.

When you increase your site with a range of keywords, you begin to see an increase in organic traffic.  Organic traffic is naturally found without the use of paid ads.

Yes, you should definitely be investing in SEO.  Search engine optimization is a way to increase traffic without have to pay for each click with paid ads.  Of course it takes investment but organic search is responsible for an average of 53% of total site traffic.  If you are not investing in SEO your competitors are enjoying your traffic and they won’t care a bit.

Google uses over 200 ranking factors to determine who gets first place, second, third and so forth.  Search engine’s algorithms rank websites based upon relevancy and authority of their pages.  Google tries to determine the most relevant page for keywords or phases for the user.

In order to be successful you need to ensure your content is the most relevant for specific searches and your website is trustworthy.  If you would like for me to run a free report on your website, just email me.  I would love to show you how your are ranking.  I use simple tools for relevant keywords such as Google’s Keyword Planner and SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool.

Here is the quick answer… not the image, post, comments but the link you share does increase brand exposure.  

While social media doesn’t directly increase your search engine rankings, it indirectly affects and helps build your brand.

So many think you should stuff keywords in your page and then it will rank higher but that is simply not true.

Here is a simple guide to help you understand. Free SEO friendly guide

We offer Website Design And Local SEO Services in Roanoke

We have effective strategies, goal-oriented, high-quality SEO services, web design services, social media marketing & other digital marketing services in Roanoke, Virginia.

Roanoke SEO Services

Ready for your own adventure in Roanoke

Roanoke is best know for the Roanoke Star (aka Mill Mountain Star). Roanoke is one of the top tourists destinations due to the many hiking trails in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Trail.

The history of Roanoke includes an interesting railroad heritage from Norfolk Southern. There are plenty of outdoor activities including the “Go Festival” and fun cultural events to keep you engaged. Check out the hiking trails, driving the Blue Ridge Parkway or exploring the area to experience the beauty of nature.

We Are Your Trusted Local SEO Partner in Roanoke

Over 90% of users use their computers, smartphones, and tablets to perform local searches looking for local products or services. As a professional local SEO company in Roanoke , we will work for you to appear on the front page of the local searches.

We, at MJI Marketing, understand how persistent you are to make people visit your website. The desire may be for online or your physical store.

We know you also need phone calls from them or place orders through your website. This can your life line for growing your business. We build your marketing strategy for your online presence.

We partner with businesses and entrepreneurs and serve them with a great idea and strategy to help their business grow. We make your morning good with strategic local SEO solutions and unique ideas every day to promote your business. We are your SEO in Roanoke company to meet your SEO strategies.

You many wonder... how can you rank my website on the front page?

Our team develops the needed assets to start building and updating your site to reach those rankings. We are the #1 Virginia SEO marketing agency to get found on Google.

It can be a battle to win those top positions. We share with you the strategy and how to accomplish this together. Team work helps to accomplish this task and still have the personality of the client in mind. As the local SEO agency in Roanoke , our team enjoys taking on challenges for your business in this highly competitive marketplace.

Are you ready to hire Roanoke SEO company for your local business

You may not know that Google only focuses on businesses that met their standards for searches and maintains all the guidelines. MJI Marketing, a professional SEO company knows how to make your business appear on the GOOGLE FIRST PAGE. We as the local SEO company in Roanoke , knows what your business needs. We perform a powerful SEO campaign and monthly dashboard that is emailed to you.

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