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Case Study
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The Social Skills Center

MJI Marketing is a leading digital marketing and SEO company in Roanoke. Our search engine optimization consultants and marketing specialists showcase this case study to demonstrate how you can maximize your growth and achieve the same goals by partnering with our Fredericksburg SEO company..

The Social Skills Center offers social skills training and behavioral therapy online and in-person. The Social Skills Center specializes in teaching social skills to children, adolescents, and adults using Dr. Haley’s Peer Process Social Skills Groups technique. They facilitate over 20 groups each week. They match each group member by age and level of functioning. They have three physical locations in Oakton, Woodbridge and Fredericksburg and virtual anywhere in the state of Virginia. Dr. Haley has been teaching social skills for over 20 years and have taught these social skills to over thousands of children, adolescents and adults.

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Campaign Goals

• Change services to virtual due to the pandemic and offer services to all residents in the state of Virginia.
• Set up webinars that can help parents and students with virtual learning and still stay social.
• Increase brand awareness and services available to residents of Virginia.

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• The pandemic changed people’s lives. Make services easy to sign up.
• Start from fresh with branding. No social media followers.
• No tracking set up and website needed updated.
• Start an email newsletter with no subscribers.
• Increase search terms to help new interest find their website.
• Normally schools were open and social skills issues were found by teachers. Parents were not sure where to go.

Campaign Results

• Facebook – Started with 62 followers – Add followers by a 93% increase
• Facebook Group Started – Added 348 members – Added value to The Social Skills Center services and become a source to reach out.
• Increased email list by over 98%
• Increased content download leads over 100%
• Increased organic traffic to 46% of website visitors.

Update in July 2023

  • 13,718 Visitors Every Month from Organic Traffic.

Started SEO in October 2021

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MJI Marketing Solutions

MJI Marketing was contacted in March of 2020 to help The Social Skills Center in branding their services beyond their physical locations. Our Roanoke based SEO company first conducted an assessment of their website. This is an important step because this is the first impression for a visitor. The website needed information about the virtual services that Dr. Haley was now going to offer.

Website Redesign and Updates:

  • Home page that spoke to many different levels of age and audiences.
  • Pages created and updated to include the virtual process.
  • Blogs were written and created to share the importance of social skills in all age groups and walks of life.
  • A lead magnet was created to increase email subscriptions and to stay abreast with social skills training in today’s modern world.

Content Creation:

  • To generate more leads and engagement, pages needed to be rewritten and updated.
  • Topics that were surrounding the troubles many parents were facing with virtual learning and still staying social.


  • Content written for keywords that people were searching.
  • Optimization of web pages.
  • Sitemap created and submitted to be indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Social Media Marketing:

  • Content and branding were created to speak to the audience about the services and the importance of social skills training.
  • Webinars were set up and invitations were open to the general public to attend.
  • Videos were posted to YouTube and website.


  • Every other week a new webinar was created by Dr. Haley with slideshows.
  • This information was invaluable for many individuals. This created value and promoted Dr. Haley as a leader in social skills training and the services that The Social Skills Center offers to the individuals that attend his sessions.


The combined digital marketing services (website design, SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing) continue to be an asset to The Social Skills Center. The webinars and content provided continue to be viewed, read, and applied in interested individuals. They have a full schedule of clients that value the services that The Social Skills Center provides. They continue to have an increase in traffic to their website and referrals from the school systems. The Social Skills Center continues to be an invaluable resource to the public and a great resource for others learning about social skills training. The Social Skills is a true leader in their field of expertise. 

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