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Content Marketing Problems and Their Solutions

Are you running into content marketing problems? Smart entrepreneurs and marketers nowadays know the importance of digital marketing and that content is basically the backbone. Businesses allocate approximately 40% of their budget to content marketing because it is essential to establish excellent prospects for brand building. 

Most businesses, sadly, lack the ability to develop compelling and appropriate content that can engage and influence their target market. This highlights the core problem that some brands find difficult to deal with several important content marketing problems.

But don’t stress out because we’ll be sharing a few content marketing problems and their solutions for both B2C and B2B content. 

Content Marketing Problems

Producing good content requires a lot of time, effort, and a comprehensive understanding of your target market. 

Without the proper team, research resources, and knowledge, you may encounter severe content marketing difficulties that could impede the growth of your business and affect search engine rankings. 

Here are a few problems that most businesses encounter while producing content.

Problem 1 – Content that is not relevant or Useful

The primary objective of content is to create awareness among the target market and establish yourself as the market leader. Influence them through your words so they can make purchasing decisions.

If the content is of no use to your target market and is mostly irrelevant, all the money and time you spent on it will be useless, and it will fail to establish a customer base. 

Problem 2 – Not Understanding your Buyer Persona

Your customers are not a unified group but rather a diverse network of people who have varying preferences on how to use your content. Therefore, you can only understand their diverse preferences to the fullest extent after spending the time to do more than just determine their age, gender, or interests.

content marketing problems
Not Understanding Your Buyer Persona – Content Marketing Problems

Unfortunately, not all content producers will take this into account when producing material. They also may not be aware of the best structure to adopt for blogs, the ideal length of blog posts, or even whether a video would be a better alternative. 

Lack of knowledge of this kind can result in content creation that repels visitors rather than engaging them. 

Problem 3 – Not Creating Content for Consumers at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

This is one of the biggest problems faced by marketers, ensuring that the right content is available to consumers at each stage of their sales funnel. 

Content marketing necessitates that you are offering information to consumers at every stage of the purchasing process; this is especially true for B2B marketing, as one-fourth of buyers consume more than 5 content pieces before approaching the supplier. 

Customer Journey

Problem 4 – Inefficient Search Engine Optimization

90.63% of all pages in our index get zero traffic from Google, and 5.29% of them get ten visits per month or less.

search engine optimization using content marketing
*Graph from https://ahrefs.com/blog/search-traffic-study/

This is because most newbie digital marketing agents don’t know how to optimize their content and understand the correct keywords people are using to research on Google.

Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of your website, and it has to be done correctly in order for your website to appear on the SERPs. 

Keywords are just as crucial as the quality and relevance of content, if not more, since, without keywords, your content won’t appear on the search results pages. 

Even if you have good quality, interactive, and relevant content, if it lacks the appropriate keywords, your target customers won’t be able to find it, and all your efforts will be wasted. 

Now let’s look at some solutions that will help you tackle these problems.

Solutions for Content Marketing Problems

Solution for Problem 1

When it comes to usefulness and relevance, there is a clear distinction between the two:

  • Useful content refers to its capability to help a customer achieve their goals and make a purchase.
  • Relevant content refers to its timeliness, general knowledge, sophistication, and whether it meets the demands of the target customer. 

These two elements are crucial in influencing a customer’s decision to buy.

In order to create relevant and useful content, make sure your content is NOT basic, vague, or too general. Make sure you thoroughly research before producing content and ensure that it is fresh. 

Produce content from your audience’s point of view. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who exactly am I speaking with regarding this article?
  2. How will the reader benefit after engaging in this information?
  3. Will the consumers of the content be willing to share it?

Solution for Problem 2

The solutions for both problems 1 and 2 are closely related. Once you have identified your buyer persona, it will be easier for you to step in their shoes and create content around their challenges, wants, and desires. 

This way, it will be simpler to capture their attention and influence their buying decisions. You can easily identify the kind of content that resonates with your target market by researching competitor blogs and websites and studying their business model. 

Pro tipif you really want your buyer persona to relate with you, don’t leave out the comments section, as that’s where you will find what the consumers are looking for exactly and in their own language. 

Solution for Problem 3

Another important aspect of content creation is recognizing that all your diverse consumers will be at different stages of the sales funnel. Most businesses only focus on capturing attention and forget to create content for the following stages; your prospect has your attention, but they need something more than just that to finally make a sale. 

For instance, articles and PR will help at the beginning of the sales funnel to create awareness, round-up blogs and videos will assist consumers during the contemplation stage, and lastly, demos or case studies will help make the final decision. 

However, don’t overlook your current clients in the process. Meeting their ongoing requirements might boost engagement and motivate them to promote your company. Email marketing is a great option for this purpose.

Solution for Problem 4

SEO is a major factor when it comes to where your website ranks on the SERPs, and therefore, it’s important to follow some fundamental SEO principles to increase traffic to your website.


It is fairly simple to conduct keyword research through websites like Semrush, Google Trends, and Ahrefs. There are various options; therefore, it’s critical to comprehend which of these phrases are most often searched and which among these you should develop content for.


You benefit significantly when a website links to your content because it increases visibility and traffic.

This is because Google considers your website to be trustworthy enough to connect to, which raises your search ranks and makes you more visible.

There are several techniques to enhance your backlinking, including the following:

  • Contacting websites with out-of-date backlinks on their web pages.
  • Posting easy-to-digest content that is of high quality.
  • Using reliable websites as sources.

The study of SEO is very elaborate and constantly evolving. However, you must ensure your website and content are optimized with proper keywords and make sure your content is not violating any Google regulations. 

Wrap Up

Creating content is not easy; however, if you are careful not to make these common mistakes, you will establish a loyal customer base who will stick with you for your content, even if it’s not for your products. 

Keep in mind that it takes time, it can take months or even years for you to create a following, but once you do, it will all be worth it. Always keep monitoring KPIs as they will help you analyze what type of content is working for you and why. 

While overcoming these content marketing problems may not be easy, the effort and hard work will surely be worth it. To learn more solutions to the never ending problems, sign up for our newsletter!

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