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MJI Marketing is a Facebook Marketing and Instagram Agency in Roanoke, Virginia, ready to create your brand awareness for driving traffic to your business.

What are your Social Media Marketing Goals?
Do you have a Strategy?

• Find out what you need to know about social media marketing.
• What platform works best for your audience?
• What should you include in every post?
• Learn ways to engage with your audience.

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Check out some samples below of MJI Marketing's Work

The samples below are from social media networks that show different types of content.  There are many types of social media marketing strategies that a business can use to help with selling their product or showcasing their customer service.  A Facebook business page is an important step in connecting their audience to their brand. 

Many brands that sell products use influencer marketing to help their product be viewed and promoted to their target.  MJI Marketing is a digital marketing agency Roanoke-based that can help you in any aspect of your marketing strategy.  Check out our work below.

Creating a Social Media Strategy

An important aspect of today’s market is coming up with a social media strategy that includes your target audience. There are many social media channels that are set up with different goals.  A well-planned content-driven social media plan can make a real difference for a business.  One important aspect is to include the correct branding and look and feel on each post so that when shared it will showcase your company in the news feed.

Check out some ideas for social media posts on my blog post.

In the digital marketing world, creating a well-thought-out social media plan can make the difference between growth or stale content.  Try to include a nice video content strategy for your target audience.  Just think, if you don’t like it then others probably will not either.  People like to be entertained and you can provide entertainment and nurture your audience to a call-to-action.

Instagram Marketing Grid Design

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Instagram grid

Instagram Agency Carousel Design

MJI Marketing is an Instagram marketing agency that provides many types of posts including carousel designs.

Instagram carousel designs are multiple images that your audience can swipe through.  See the sample below for a small taste of what the Instagram carousel has to offer.  

It should be simple and easy to read for your audience.  It will likely have better engagement than just a static image.  Many businesses can use this to slowly showcase their product or service.

Video Designs

Creating social media posts with videos will seem to always result in better engagement.  People like to be entertained and using a video allows for this to happen.  The goal would be to create something that your audience would want to watch or purchase.  If you need to explain something then a short video is an easy way to provide this information.

MJI Marketing is a Full-Service Social Media Marketing Agency

Grow your Email List

One aspect of your social media strategy should be to grow your email list.  Some ways to do this can be through your social media.  Creating white papers, ebooks or free download pdf in exchange for an email can be a way to do this.

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