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Thinking about running some paid social media ads?  Maybe you see Instagram ads, Facebook ads, or Tiktok ads.

There’s no denying it—no matter how hard you try—the world is on social media. It can feel like a wild and wacky landscape to navigate sometimes, but like it or not, it’s here to stay. We are seeing more and more videos, Instagram stories, stories ads, and audience targeting with paid social media ads. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are consistently ripe with opportunities for self-promotion and advertising your business to millions of potential customers. But how do you stay afloat in a massive sea of folks trying to do pretty much the same thing you are? You can find a hearty leg up with a well-designed social media advertising campaign. MJI Marketing in Roanoke offers social media marketing services that can help you achieve success with the power of Facebook paid ads, Instagram ads, and Twitter.  Running or boosting ads is not the same as running an audience-targeting ad.

What We Offer

By extracting information from your existing engagement data across social platforms, MJI Marketing, Roanoke’s top social media marketing agency, can craft a paid social campaign that successfully targets the audience you want, and gets you the attention you deserve. Using intelligently targeted key phrases in different ad and campaign formats designed to capitalize on the latest social algorithms of these platforms, our team of experts can navigate the world of paid social advertising for you with ease, bringing in exactly what you’ve been looking to get out of social media engagement in the first place. Our social media marketing service can prominently feature your Roanoke business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more! So, if your business needs help advertising in Roanoke or beyond, let MJI Marketing help you.

Facebook Paid Ads | Instagram Ads

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We will consider your campaign objective and daily budget when creating ads for your business. Your campaign objective is a very important part of your social media campaign since it will let us know exactly what you want to accomplish in your social media campaign. Are you trying to increase followers and improve the reputation of your business? Or are you trying to drive new customers to your website? Or maybe keep your offerings in front of your current customers and retain brand loyalty? It’s essential for us to know what results you want from your social media campaign to be as effective as possible. Too many businesses advertise on Facebook or advertise on Instagram without a proper strategy and end up disappointed with the results.

Reaching Your Target Audience

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However, before we start a Facebook ad campaign or Instagram ads campaign for you, we make sure that we understand exactly what you are hoping to accomplish through your campaign. Whether it’s targeting repeat customers, directing prospects to a website’s landing page, or a number of other goals, an ads campaign can be tailored to your specific business goals. Then, we will help you choose the best Meta ad format as well as the number of ad sets that we believe will work best for promoting your business. We can walk you through the process to help you understand exactly what our ad campaigns are accomplishing for your business, or leave it all to us and simply watch the engagement roll in.

Facebook ads manager, ads campaigns, ad sets—Meta has designed Facebook with a unique ad interface that may be confusing to beginners. You may be unsure whether your campaigns should target engagement or shoot for traffic. How many different Facebook ad sets should you run under one campaign? What is the ideal budget for an ad set? How many different ads should you run with one ad set? There’s no single answer to all these questions, which is why you need the expertise to help you structure your Facebook advertising efforts in the best possible way based on your business’s needs and to utilize your social media marketing budget most effectively. 

Facebook has many different types of ads, but two of the most popular are video ads and carousel ads. Video ads are probably the most popular type of ad as they are very effective at engaging viewers. These ads get viewers to linger on an ad and thus more time thinking about the product or service. 

Video Ads and Carousel Ads

But that does not mean that image-based ads are never a good choice. Video ads are more costly per result compared to similar ad types like carousel ads. Therefore, they can be difficult for some businesses to afford. For businesses desiring a cost-effective ad campaign that still has a great return on investment, image ads can be a good choice. With the right image and ad copy, static ads can be equally memorable and engagement-provoking as video ads. Moreover, they can be easier to produce and allow for creating more variations to choose from. In some cases, image ads can be more effective, especially for business types that don’t lend themselves well to video imagery. But, whether you want image or video ads or something else like stories ads, we are here to help.

Perhaps growing engagement and followers on your Instagram account or Facebook page is your goal—in which case, your ideal ad format may not be an “ad” at all but instead a boosted post. Facebook and Instagram allow regular posts to be “boosted” or paid to be promoted onto new feeds. Allocating your Facebook advertising budget towards boosting your highest quality or most popular posts is a great way to expand your reach in a more organic way than ads. Our agency can easily help you determine suitable posts and utilize your budget in the most effective manner with a good CPR (cost per result). 

Reaching Your Target Audience with Paid Social Media Ads

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One of the most important parts of any online advertising is precisely targeting your ideal audience and focusing your ad money on users deeper in the sales funnel who are, therefore, more likely to buy your product or service. Facebook ads manager has extremely detailed targeting options that can let you filter your audience by location, age, interests, and more. This means with our team’s help; your ad campaign can be structured to avoid wasting spending on uninterested consumers and only display ads to likely buyers. Multiple different campaigns and ad sets can be run at the same time, targeting different results and potential audiences with customized ad copy and imagery. For example, a shoe store could boast one ad campaign featuring athletic shoes that target younger wearers and directs them to an online store while also running another campaign for orthotic shoes that targets older customers and has a call button. Making effective choices about how to select, target, and convert your ideal audience on Facebook or Instagram without worry is exactly the kind of assistance our agency provides.

The sheer number of customization options Meta platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, offer is extremely powerful for the advertiser who can take advantage of them but overwhelming or confusing for new users. If you’ve only ever managed a personal profile or are not even sure how to access Facebook ads manager, you will likely want a partner on your journey to Facebook marketing success—our agency is ready to take the reins and craft a campaign for you that will resonate with and convert prospective customers.

Other Options: LinkedIn Ads, Tiktok Ads, and Twitter Ads

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However, a business shouldn’t overlook the potential of other platforms. Advertising on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Tiktok can be even more effective than Meta platforms and deliver a greater CPR, especially if your ideal audience is active there. B2B businesses will find their best results on LinkedIn as ads will deliver directly to corporate decision-makers in the right industry with a well-made campaign. Twitter is another great platform for those targeting active professionals to take advantage of, with video ads and carousel ad options similar to Facebook. For younger targeting consumers or offering entertainment ideas, the power of Tiktok for advertising should not be overlooked. Any of the platforms are great for driving web traffic to landing pages—the only question is which platforms your ideal audience is active on. Our agency can work with you and review your customer data to predict where your current and future customers are likely to be spending time online. By doing this, we can tailor your ad campaigns to the social media platforms they’ll be found on.

The most effective marketing campaign will usually consist of a variety of ad formats and possibly even stretch across multiple platforms. It’s very likely your business has multiple ideal demographics, and targeting ads to different users can capture them better than a broadly-targeted campaign that wastes advertising dollars on unlikely buyers. When doing this, it’s also important to use ad copy that speaks closely to the consumer being addressed. Plus, running multiple campaigns can help you achieve your business goals faster; for example, running one campaign for web traffic and another campaign for follower growth will almost certainly deliver better results than an ad that asks users to follow and visit your website both at once. We can help you perform A/B testing to further enhance your ad spend and deliver even better results as time goes on by finetuning your campaigns.

Creating Effective Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads

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You may have found in the past; some social media marketing efforts went nowhere, so you’re looking at paid social ads and wondering, “How can we beat the algorithm?” While sometimes frustrating or enigmatic, social media algorithms are not about suppressing content but boosting quality—giving great social media marketing that coveted “viral” status. It’s working with the algorithm to create ads that capitalize on trending formats like short video or well-chosen keywords, phrases, or hashtags that produces great paid and organic growth. Taking advantage of the algorithm with well-designed ads will boost reach and impressions without increasing spend—giving you better CPR and more for your dollar. Even if an ad looks great to the algorithm, it must also appear enticing to the users and hopefully encourage organic sharing and engagement. Creating an ad that satisfies the algorithm while also clicking with social users is what you can expect from partnering with us.

Creating effective Instagram ads or Facebook ads is not just about structuring the campaign but also about crafting ad images and copy that entice prospects and creating brand awareness. Landing your ad in as many feeds as possible will not mean anything if it fails to capture the attention of social users and they just scroll on. People, such as Instagram users and other social media users, will often only look at Instagram posts or other posts for mere seconds before moving on—so your ad must grab attention immediately. A good ad is visually striking and immediately recognizable—it should pull onlookers in and draw their eyes toward the ad copy. The caption is equally important as it has the job of clearly delivering your value offering in as few characters as possible—no one likes reading a giant block of text while scrolling through Facebook. The ad copy must also close with a strong CTA (call to action) that aligns with the business goal of your campaign, be it driving visitors to a website, gaining followers for your Instagram account, or another result. Facebook recommends designing ads that can be automatically reformatted and delivered across a wide variety of formats, including posts, stories, sidebars, and more. This means choosing an image that works in different placements and looks good at any size or aspect ratio, as well as a brief copy that fits well anywhere. Our agency will work with you to make the perfect creative decisions and develop a variety of ad images and copy pairings that snatch customers’ attention.

Schedule A Free Consultation for Advertising in Roanoke and Beyond

If paid social advertising sounds like the next step you want to take, or if you have any questions on the best ways to develop your small business’ social media presence in Roanoke and beyond, give the social media marketing specialists at MJI Marketing a call today! We schedule free consultations to discuss your needs and explore what we can do to best help you.

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