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With the internet constantly becoming a larger part of our lives, people tend to search for the information they need through computers and mobile phones. Consequently, companies that have taken advantage of digital marketing to attract users to their websites have emerged as the big winners.

As a leading digital marketing company in Roanoke, we are proud to provide your company with the opportunity to market your business online 24/7. We can help you expand your niche and enable you to offer goods or services to your target clients, irrespective of their location or time differences. From large corporations and medium-sized enterprises to start-up businesses with only a few employees, we believe we have what it takes to help you reach your prospects while maintaining a strong relationship with your existing customers.

Throughout the years, we’ve offered a plethora of custom digital marketing services, including:

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram enable you to interact with your customers and gain more followers. Our social media marketing team in Roanoke can build campaigns that will boost customer acquisition and retention rates. We identify your goals, evaluate your customers’ behavior, and conduct competitor benchmarking. After analyzing this data, we develop personalized social media brand management and paid advertising strategies that are tailored to your business’s needs.

Email Marketing

Our professional email marketers can create campaigns that stand out and make all the difference for your business. We create personalized emails that won’t end up in the recipient’s spam folder. We also use “power words” in our content, which invoke curiosity, persuade people to open your email, and encourage them to take the desired action.

Website Design

When you want a user-friendly website design that is custom-made for your business and caters to your clients’ unique needs, MJI Marketing won’t disappoint. Whether you run a business-to-clients (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) company, we can provide a custom and creative solution that will reflect your company’s values, brand, and corporate image. Our web design solutions are Google friendly, responsive, easily accessible, securely hosted, and consistent with colorful content.

Logo Design

A great logo design is a powerful tool in marketing. It tells potential clients, “We know what we are doing. We’re serious. You can trust us.” Our specialized web designers can help create amazing logos that demonstrate big brains and even bigger imaginations. We ensure that your logo is professional, has no clichés, captures your business’s core values, and conveys what sets your business apart. The result is a visually appealing logo that is simple yet striking.

SEO Services

Is your website search-friendly? SEO-friendly websites get more traffic than those that aren’t optimized. At our Roanoke based digital marketing company, we focus on what you’re offering and build a truly optimized website that’s user-friendly, well-structured, and perfectly designed for your visitors. We employ high-performing keywords and structure your content to promote easy reading. Doing this helps increase your visibility in search results and enables you to achieve higher organic rankings. 

Content Management

Our talented team of content creation experts in Roanoke not only ensures the proper placement of keywords, but also generates blog posts, scripts, and website copy that educate and provide useful information for your consumers. Quality content increases the time your visitors stay on your website and helps to convince them to contact your business.

Google Ads and Paid Facebook Ads

You can reach your customers more quickly and with precision by using a data-driven Google Ad campaign. Our specialists are Google Ads certified, guaranteeing that your campaign is in the hands of professionals. We’ll optimize your bidding strategies, create targeted ad copies, come up with targeting tactics, and monitor your ROI for each keyword.

If you’re looking for cost-effective pay-per-click advertising, you can’t go wrong with Facebook Ads. Facebook has more than two billion users month after month, and by setting up the right campaign, you can reach the right audience to convert into customers.

There are several benefits of letting professionals like MJI Marketing handle your Facebook Ads:

  • It will take less time to create ad campaigns with different copies and creatives.
  • We’ll enable you to access Ads Manager features without things feeling complicated.
  • You can optimize your ad campaigns and see advanced campaign reports.
  • Our professionals can automatically generate PDF reports of your data for easy analysis.
  • We can create Facebook Ad campaigns on the same dashboard as Google Ad campaigns.
  • We’ll sync leads to your CRM.

BirdEye Review Management

BirdEye can help connect with your existing customers, deliver an end-to-end customer experience, and allow new customers to find and choose your business. However, you need a good website designer to increase your odds. We can optimize your website and ensure a great customer experience that will, in turn, earn you more reviews from your clients, dominate the search results, beat your local competition, and grow your business to greater heights.

And more…

Boost Your Revenue Growth and Achieve Online Success

Our digital marketing professionals strive to ensure that they meet your unique needs and provide long-term results. We look forward to offering you unbeaten digital marketing services that never disappoint. You can be sure that we’ll build a robust digital foundation and increase your sales volume with value-driven digital marketing services.

Do not hesitate to contact our digital marketing company in Roanoke if you have any queries, or to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your needs!

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