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You May Wonder... Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is so easy to use and reach your audience at low cost.  You no longer have to know HTML or to be a super awesome graphic designer to be effective and stunning emails these days.  Check out Canva or MailChimp and you can start designing your own emails.  If it seems too overwhelming for you, then you can always hire me.  Don’t forget a lot of YouTube videos are also available.

One thing to remember in any task you assign yourself if to not start firing off email after email.  You do want to have a strategy in mind.  Talk about things that move you or a special that you are having.  A lot depends on the product or service that you offer and what to include in your email. 

Email marketing is so affordable and cost-effective that many forget how it can save you money.  Some email platforms have come a long way in the way your plan out your emails now.  MailChimp for example offers free plans to get you started.  Check out their templates and journeys that allow it to do the heavy lifting.


Here is an important thing to remember: 99% of email users check their inboxes every day!  Wow, even today, yes!  People like to connect and especially the brand or service they like! The only way that your audience is going to know what is going on is to let them know by either an email or social media.  

One of the many advantages of email marketing is that you can personalize the email.  They feel like it is a message just for them while social media is more broad.  

Another important aspect of email marketing is that when you create links in your email and direct them to your website, it helps drive more traffic to your site.  This in turn tells Google that it is more relevant in your keywords.

Using an email software program you can also track what your audience is doing and what they are interested in from the reports.  Learn what each subscriber is wanting to know about your product or service.  You can then put those subscribers in a new segment to send them something extra.  You can really make your audience feel extra special and keep them purchasing your product or services.  I hope you checked out my email marketing portfolio and liked what you see.  I would be happy to discuss and show you more of what I do.  Contact me when you are ready to move forward!

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