Different Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Different Ways to Increase Traffic to Website

The increased competition in the digital marketing world has made it challenging for websites to attract new or maintain regular customers. However, some tips and tricks can help increase website traffic, despite the increasing competition.

So let’s take a look at some tips to increase website traffic:

Optimize the Website

Optimizing the website is the first and foremost way to increase website traffic. To get the most from a website, it should include optimized keywords, i.e., the keywords customers use to search the service or product category the website offers.

Utilizing these keywords in the website in blogs or product descriptions can greatly increase organic traffic to the website. Do some keyword research and search volume on search engines to determine long-term goals.

Refresh the Content to Increase Website Traffic

Refreshing the content means taking old content from the website blog and tweaking it to look fresh and new. Here are some helpful tricks for refreshing the content:

  • updating the blog headline to include the current year
  • optimizing content to include relevant keywords
  • updating the news or information offered.

These tricks take little time and create a significant impThis will help to drive more traffic and rank higher. These tricks take little time and create a significant impact on website traffic to your site.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

Sometimes it can be easier to beat the competition at their own game. Understanding the traffic sources of competitor websites and analyzing their techniques to attract the incoming traffic is one of the most practical tips to increase website traffic. This allows business websites to focus on an existing customer base.

Look at the types of content marketing they are using to attract their audience. Many types competitors will use landing pages so you may have to do some digging.

In most cases, analyzing competitors’ traffic sources can indicate that most of their website traffic comes from Google or social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. In this case, a business website can greatly benefit from running Facebook and Instagram ads for its business. Be sure to keep your brand awareness in check so as to not lose your own personal brand. Make sure you are sharing your content on social media.

Add New Products Strategically

It is a common mistake for businesses to update their website product inventory all at once. This move can be harmful to attracting or maintaining website traffic for the following reasons:

●       It gives the website visitors too many options at once, which makes it difficult to convert them into customers

●       It makes the products old fairly quickly. Visitors may avoid the website due to the lack of new products on the website

●       It eliminates the opportunity to regularly refresh content

On the other hand, adding a few products every day or every other day allows the website to be refreshed. It also allowing it to be optimized with the latest keywords. It also makes visitors feel that the website is regularly updated, making them more likely to visit it when searching for the latest products. Providing limited choices at a time also makes it easier for visitors to finalize their purchases. 

Add a Blog to Increase Traffic

Adding a blog is one of the most effective tips to increase website traffic. It allows updating content on service websites that don’t add new services. Business blogs can be posted every week, and the content can range anywhere from 500 words to 1000 words. Create content that you would want to read.

Business blogs don’t have to be complicated either. They only need to be relevant to the product or service the business offers. Industry news, upcoming industry trends, tips and tricks to use the products more effectively, etc., can be great topics for business blogs.

Hold Giveaways

While this tip isn’t free to implement like those mentioned above, it can achieve significant results compared to the cost. Giveaways can attract several new visitors to any website. A significant percentage of these visitors might even turn into customers without extra effort. Many giveaways are first introduced using email marketing.

Moreover, holding giveaways regularly, i.e., every couple of months, can tempt these visitors to sign up for newsletters and other business marketing emails.

Before organizing a giveaway, business owners can also hold polls on social media pages. Polls asking the audience their preference for products or services included in the giveaway can offer a direct insight into audience preferences.

Utilize Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be executed in two different ways. First, the business website invites an expert in that industry to write for their business blog. Second, the business asks the industry expert blogging website to plug its services into a relevant blog.

Guest blogging can be beneficial in two ways. One way as it narrows down and attracts the exact audience. The second way it by increasing website traffic that can be easily converted into customers. Using a guest post can help to achieve marketing for both companies and works for some businesses.

Market the Business on LinkedIn

using linkedin for website traffic
LinkedIn for Website Traffic

Some may say LinkedIn is not a marketing platform. However, it is the most popular platform for industry experts to discuss industry practices and trends. Any business that stands out in the industry for its practices or innovation can greatly benefit from an active presence on LinkedIn.

Posting about innovative and unique business practices that also achieve results can get the business noticed by industry publications on LinkedIn. It can lead to the business getting featured for its breakthrough performance of setting new industry trends that propel the business ahead of its competitors. It may also help to gain increased website traffic from existing customers.

Include Visual Data

Visual Data is one of those tips to increase website traffic that keeps producing results in the long run. Visual data, especially as a part of industry news and trends blogs, can target those audiences that like to do their research before choosing a service. Data backed by credible sources can especially help convert these audiences into customers.

Incorporate Share Option

Using share options underneath products and service descriptions make it easier for customers to take advice from their partners, friends, or family regarding their purchases. Fashion and home goods brands can especially benefit from this option. It allows its customers to create wish lists for their events or discuss the product’s possible uses before they finalize the purchase.

Social sharing of products and services directly increases website traffic and may even help turn visitors into customers. Moreover, allowing pinning web pages on digital mood boards such as Pinterest increases website traffic. You can check the results of this in your google analytics.

Market the Business on Forums

Like LinkedIn, indirect marketing on online forums such as Quora and Reddit can also increase website traffic. However, it should be noted that no product or service is directly marketed on these forums unless it appears as sponsored ads. Instead, businesses are recommended as organic suggestions in non-salesy ways during discussions. 

Maintaining the quality of products and services and offering excellent customer service are great ways to increase and maintain website traffic in the long run.

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