ideas for social media posts

Here are some ideas for social media posts

One of the most important facets of business marketing in the modern day is social media. A well-planned social media marketing strategy can be the difference between success and failure for a marketing campaign. However, social media marketing requires regularly posting engaging content to attract users. Here are some tried and tested ideas for engaging social media posts.


One of the most popular and engaging types of social media content are video posts. Whether they are designed to entertain or educate, audiences love an intriguing video. The hardest part of this strategy, though, is that you need to keep coming up with new ideas.

When deciding how to build your video content strategy, it is important to consider the platform that you will be posting on as well as your target audience. You may focus on video shorts for Facebook and TikTok or longer content for YouTube.

The goal is to create content that your audience wants to watch, and there are many options to consider, such as how-tos, content to accompany your blog posts, product showcases, or maybe even taking your audience behind the scenes of your business. Keep an eye on how your audience reacts to your videos so you can revise your video strategy accordingly.

Offer Advice

One great way to engage your audience and build your reputation as an authority in your field is to offer tutorials and how-to content to educate your followers. By styling your content correctly, you can entertain your audience at the same time.

A stylish graphic accompanied by information relevant to your brand niche can go a long way toward showing expertise in your field and providing value to your audience. No matter what niche your company is in, everyone has some valuable information to share, and there is no better way to build a relationship with your audience than to offer them value.

Meet the Staff

Your audience is bound to love getting to know the people behind the brand. This is a great way to engage your audience and show the human side of your business. Whether it is highlighting a new member of the team or shining the spotlight on the people who have made your brand great for years, there is no better way to show that you appreciate your staff as you build a deeper relationship with your audience.

ideas for social media

Offer a Promotion

Who doesn’t love free stuff? A giveaway is fast to implement and an easy way to fill any holes in your social media content plan. By simply tossing together a picture of your product and how to enter the contest, you already have your day’s social media post done. You can also take your promotion to another level by adding more challenges or larger rewards. There really are no limits to these giveaways, and case studies have shown that this type of post offers some of the quickest turnarounds for growing your audience.

Make a Person Laugh

People love entertainment – Need ideas for social media jokes? Check reddit.com

Nothing is more engaging than a post that makes your audience laugh and smile. A hilarious post or meme can help your brand reach completely new audiences and bring a lot of attention to your brand. So, why not leap on board with the newest meme format trend and show off your brand’s sense of humor? You can even present information or messages about your brand in a fun way to make them more engaging for your audience.

Offer a White Paper

One great way to grow your social media presence and help reinforce your position as a thought leader in your industry is by creating a white paper. These detailed papers are usually released as a PDF and offer detailed and constructive information about your product. By offering your users the chance to download this paper, you can help educate and engage your customer at the same time. This will often bring in more leads and brand awareness as other companies link to your helpful content and users share it.

Growing your email list makes for a good strategy for social media

A white paper can also be one of the best ways to grow your email list. First link to your white paper through your social media post. This way, you can leave your content—namely, your white paper—gated on your own website. Next, all your audience needs to do to view the article is to provide their email address. That is a low barrier for entry but a valuable one for you. Now you can grow your email list and start converting these leads.

Showcase a News Article or Blog

Not all of your content has to be truly unique. Sometimes it is enough to simply curate content created by others, which can bring valuable news or blogs related to your industry to your audience’s attention. Whether it is a blog post from another company in your industry, expert advice, or anything else that your audience might enjoy, why not share it?

Curated content isn’t just a great way to fill out your posts for a day. It can also show that your company is up to date with all of the developments in your industry. By showing that you are aware of what is going on and engaging with your community, you can give your audience a far better impression of your own brand.

blog idea for social media
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Brag about Your Staff

Ask your staff for ideas on social media. You might be surprised.

Your social media is a great way to publicly show your staff that you appreciate the hard work that they do for you and give your audience a taste of what makes your company stand out. Whether your company just awarded a staff member employee of the month or a member of your team just won an industry award, why not give them a shout-out on your social media?

By highlighting your employees’ accomplishments, you will not only show your staff how much they are appreciated but also potentially motivate them to repost the announcement to their own channels. Plus, you are showing potential customers that your staff is an award-winning team of professionals, and that is something customers are not likely to overlook when they are searching for companies in your field.

Brag about Your Audience

While you are showing your appreciation for everyone who makes your company special, don’t forget about your customers. Why not show your audience a little love and give them a regular spotlight? While it gives your customers a sense of pride, this also showcases your product or service without seeming too much like an advertisement.

Testimonials are great ideas for social media

Another way to showcase your audience is to share what they are saying about you. If your audience is saying great things about your company, then don’t hide it! Share these testimonials and let the world know how much your former and current clients love your brand.

testimonial ideas for social media

Have another idea? Try it! Stay Fresh!

Share your ideas for social media with others!

One of the most difficult parts of managing your social media marketing can be coming up with fresh ideas on a regular basis. Your audience is looking for new content, and social media platforms reward accounts that post regularly, so it’s important to publish quality content frequently.

Fortunately, as long as you follow these tips, you will be swimming in great content year-round. Keep things fresh and appealing by trying out as many of these ideas as you can. This will leave your audience with new content every day so they will keep coming back for more.

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