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Finding Your Way to Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is quite prevalent in today’s society. A business does not have to be on social media to be successful, but it certainly helps. Pew Research Center estimates that 65% of U.S. adults have active social media accounts. So reaching out via social media marketing seems like an excellent way to connect with this large demographic population.

Social media marketing does not have to be impersonal. In fact, there are ways to make business social media marketing accounts where the administrator can directly interact with the consumer. So instead of phone call cues and transfers, key players in the business can interact with the social platform to reach out to their audience at any time. It is worth this instant gratification that the consumer can get to stay well on top of one’s social media marketing. The more that people are in touch with the company on a personal level, the more likely they are to feel connected to the brand and the ideology behind the company.

There are many review sites today like Yelp and Google+ where people can log on and give opinions about businesses. While it is easy to form an opinion about the business using these sites, it can be frustrating only to have a third party presence representing the company, both for that business and for the consumer. The business is frustrated because if there are ever any reviews that seem unprecedented, the only thing that the business can do is send a response via the platform. The business might request that the content provider remove the review if it is suspected to be fake. But the lack of connection on these sites can strand both consumer and company. It is better for the company to handle its reputation via company social media. That way the company can have an interaction with customers rather than people resorting to impersonal complaint forums.

Social media marketing is not perfect.

You might be surprised to hear this, but it is the unfortunate truth of the Internet. It seems that more and more people are flocking to the Internet for their information, but the quality of this information might not be there. When a company has a social presence, it has more control over its public image on the Internet. This is a huge plus for fighting against some of the online warfare and tricks that shady marketers might try to employ under the cloak of anonymity. Such tactics, while regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and prohibited by such laws as the Langham Act, can still loom quietly in this space of pop up sites. That is why having verified social media accounts are one of the best ways to build trust with consumers.

All in all, there are many pros to a social presence. Companies cannot afford to be Luddites in this age where consumers will rate a business online, whether it has a website or not. Take social media marketing into the company’s hand and use it as a tool to do good for the brand. The fans of the company’s product or service will be very grateful.  

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