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Hiring A Digital Marketing Professional?

If you are hiring a digital marketing professional, it will take some work if you want to hire the right person. A person might even want to come up with a list of questions such as the five following inquiries:

1. What is Your Marketing Niche?

This question pertains to whether your type of business is something that the digital marketing professional has knowledge around and has worked in before.

2. What Are Your Long Term Goals?

A marketer might be planning on moving with the industry, or away from the industry. If this seems like just another money making scheme in the business’ tool belt, then beware.

3. What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Hiring a Digital Marketing Professional?

People need to know reasonably what the marketing company will do. Asking more details than less, in this case, will ensure that you are satisfied with your choice to outsource marketing.

4. Will I get a Month to Month Report?

In marketing, there are performance measures called key performance indicators (KPI’s). A good marketer can show samples of some of their other clients’ KPI’s.

5. Can I have Your References?

In this case, you are hiring a digital marketing professional for a job. But just like any interview, you should ask for references. Other clients can tell you if the marketer is reputable and above board. They should be able to spot whether the marketer used illegal tactics, such as creating fake reviews, to bolster the company profile.
Many questions need to be asked when employing a digital marketing professional. Start with this list of five, and you will be on your way to hiring a great marketer for your needs, so contact us today! Ready to hire a digital marketer? I’m ready to chat!

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