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How to Create Compelling Content To Keep The Audience Engaged

Are you creating compelling content? Advertising and marketing on digital media is now undoubtedly the best way to market a brand. Digital media is accessible by big name brands and smaller businesses alike, giving more of an equal opportunity compared to other types of marketing media.

Therefore, the one thing that all markets need to focus on is audience engagement. In this world where people are not as addicted to social media as much as they are to scrolling through social media, the demand for engagement is at an all-time high. Who creates the most compelling content? The kind that can capture an individual’s attention in a fraction of a second and make them stop and explore.

Anyone can do this, honestly. Here are some ways you can deploy as well:

Focus On The Headline

Since social media scrollers are high in number, brands are focusing increasingly on the kinds of headlines they create. The headline needs to be bold, big, and attractive enough to make the audience scroll back to it if they must.

Also, make sure your headline is to the point. People are on social media looking for answers, so give them the answers in a way that they don’t even have to ask the question. Headlines should have a “We Have What You Want” approach; you can sell them on your product or service later.

Lastly, if you want to include statistics, financial figures, or any numerical, make sure you add them as numbers to the headline, use an active voice in the content, and appeal to the audience’s emotions if you must. And yes, all of this needs to be conveyed in a second or less, so better get practicing!

Visual Content Is Essential

We assume that if our audience is using digital media, they will absolutely be able to engage with the text in the content. And yes, the text is necessary for explanations, but visual content is of the utmost importance when it comes to attracting the audience.

And yes, the visuals you make use of must also be on-par with the audience’s standards. Using stock images is all well and good, but you will not even get half the engagement that you would with content you customize yourself. Use tools like Canva to create compelling visual content that the audience will want to come back to and engage with.

Videos Get The Most Engagement

Research has shown that videos can get around 5 times more engagement than other forms of content. Videos are excellent for explanations, and you can use a conversational style to communicate your services to the audience while incorporating custom visuals. A trend that is re-shaping the way we are consuming stories, knowledge and entertainment is “podcasts”. People are finding different ways to grow their audiences by learning podcast marketing techniques.

Do Not Over-Advertise

Yes, marketing is essential in our world today, and brands that are marketing themselves are, indeed, trying to sell a product or a service. However, remember that the audience does not like ads! If they see the same product on their feed more than twice, they might get rid of it for good!

This is why we create content and not advertisements. While it is important to talk about your content, make sure not everything you post is about your services. Sprinkle product advertisements in after a humorous post or two, throw in something educational and informational in the mix, talk about campaigns, etc. Only after all this can you safely think about adding a product advertisement to your posts. Once your brand’s reputation has been built and they see it often enough to form an opinion, they will likely understand the need for advertisements as well.

Know What Your Competitors Are Up To

While it’s not necessary that all your competitors are objectively doing “better” than you, they might have some ideas that you can utilize for your own brand. Make sure you follow all your competitors and are fully aware of all the campaigns they are running and what they are posting every day.

Not only will you get ideas of how to drive up your own content, but you will also find some strategies that have failed and maybe even learn from their mistakes. As a result, competitor awareness must be among your priorities as well.

Carousels Will Also Drive Engagement

Carousel posts have been a great addition to social media for brands since you can add more content in a single post. Your posts can be much more comprehensive and explanatory as well. Many brands use this feature to put up posts in the form of slides, with each slide adding new information. Of course, you will have to make the first slide very compelling so that the audience is curious about what’s next and wants to swipe next on its own.

Research Your Hashtags

Hashtags are still important to marketing brands, just like they were when digital marketing was gaining traction. It is essential for brands to incorporate the right hashtags into their content so that the algorithm knows what it’s picking up on and it reaches the target audience without fail.

In fact, hashtags are now more important than ever since social media shows content with relevant tags to their audiences even if the people in question don’t follow the account. Therefore, stay on the top of your hashtag game for the best engagement.

Experiment for Compelling Content

Lastly, always know that coming up with unique ideas is what will set you apart. Yes, not every idea is successful and brands often spend some time and money on marketing campaigns that seem unique but the results don’t really get them anywhere. On the other hand, sometimes brands come up with lucrative ideas that generate them immense traction. If you are doing your market research well, you will probably have an idea of what sells and what doesn’t, but always remember to think outside the box!


Creating engaging content on social media that garners attention from the audience and gains you organic followers is the best way to market yourself in this day and age. People are constantly consuming media in search of the next big thing, and with the right tactics, it might just be you!

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