A Marketing VA can help business owners

What Can a Marketing VA Do for Business Owners

As the world is shifting toward modernization, people need to adapt to the change before it becomes the norm. It is mainly because this shift from traditional methods is beneficial in conserving resources, time, workforce, and energy. For example, a simple task requiring a significant amount of labor and weeks for completion can be concluded within a day or two with the help of technological advancements.

When we talk about marketing, it is one of the oldest methods of promoting the product you have by highlighting its exceptional qualities and selling/renting it to another person while keeping your profit at the forefront. However, marketing methods and trends have changed and evolved from time to time, but the ideology has always remained the same; to sell your service with the maximum profit possible.

Business owners are adapting to this advancement as it has proved to be a more beneficial source of marketing their ideas and services in a hassle-free environment that saves resources and time.

What is a Marketing VA?

A virtual marketing assistant is the latest intervention method through which you can avail yourself the chance to market your current or upcoming business with the help of a social media marketing strategy. Through this technique, your business’s marketing efforts will be dealt with online through relevant posts that share all the necessary details about your business to attract customers.

These social media posts are usually timed or posted after certain intervals to gain continuous customer interest. It is also used as a means to keep in touch with customer queries and be available when needed.

Why Do Business Owners Need A Marketing VA?

Business owners are usually drowned in tremendous amounts of work, preoccupations, meetings, deals, and business expansions, so they don’t have enough time to manage the company’s marketing. Therefore, they can make things relatively easier by hiring a virtual marketing assistant who is capable of handling the project with expertise. 

Are Your Businesses Lagging?

If you sense your business is somehow lagging behind competitors, you first need to highlight the cause of the lag.

Usually, businesses run on complex models and have adequate finances and efficient employees but can still not reach their mission and vision. In such cases, business owners need to switch their marketing strategies to something that will prove effective.

The advancements in all business domains are the key you need to hold on to if you aim to achieve your short and long-term goals in the required time. The best solution is to hire a virtual marketing assistant who will take responsibility for efficiently marketing your business and vision on the medium that is most used in today’s world.

How Can Marketing VA Help Business Owners

A virtual marketing assistant follows a proper roadmap to help business owners expand their business through appropriate and effective marketing strategies. However, the roadmap is not a step-by-step procedure. Instead, the VA adapts to the type of business they are working for and the intensity of marketing required to achieve the business’s marketing goals.

The most credibly performed strategies by a VA are:


Plotting refers to writing down all the necessary information about the business, such as SWOT analysis, vision, mission, aim, short and long-term goals, history and background, current progress, etc. It helps the Marketing VA gain enough knowledge about the business to provide timely and accurate answers if a customer has a specific query about the business.

Establishing A Niche

Establishing the niche is another crucial step that VAs take. It means they are narrowing down the exact segment or market for the service the business provides. This technique works tremendously as all services do not apply to all needs. Therefore, it makes things relatively more manageable, and now that the VA is aware of the segment, they plan their marketing strategies accordingly.

Website/Webpage Creation

The primary purpose of the VA is to create an online representation of the business for which they create relative websites or webpages. Nowadays, blogs and pages are a huge success in gaining customer attraction as people spend a lot of time on their social media applications. One sponsored or promoted blog can grasp their attention, resulting in the growth of the business.

Content Analysis

The VA thoroughly analyzes the content before the final upload; it usually includes all the relative information and pictures. All the content must be search engine optimized; in today’s world, SEO is the leader, and the knowledge that pops right at the top always gathers most of the customer’s attraction; therefore, the VA makes sure to write their content with SEO.

Constant Update and Up-Skilling

Up-skilling is promoted in the organization as it allows everybody to learn something new regarding the current progress, mistakes, past shortcomings, and future ideas. The VA constantly updates the information on their social media projects through up-skilling.

Authentic Advertisement

Authentic advertisement is the best promotion a business can have! Virtual marketing assistants have exceptional expertise in this domain, enabling them to market the right thing at the right time. For example, if something is trending, the VA will try their best to promote the business by relating it to the trend such that more customers get attracted to it.

Expansion of the Network

The VA also gains the opportunity to build a network of different virtual assistants who combine their efforts and discuss other ideas to make the marketing more effective.

Reaching Out

If the business marketing budget is tight, the Marketing VA will approach credible freelancers with specific skills in the field to assist the VA with idea generation or managing social media representation.

Responsibilities of A Marketing VA

A virtual marketing assistant has a rather stressful but enjoyable job; their responsibilities include:

  • A virtual marketing assistant has to ensure that they handle all social media accounts proficiently and keep updating them timely.
  • A virtual marketing assistant must be well aware of the competitor and have credible and updated research about the advancements and launches of competitor companies.
  • A virtual marketing assistant must know about the company’s target market and plan out all the strategies accordingly, such that they prove to be effective.
  • A virtual marketing assistant must ensure that the company’s social media posts are relevant and updated after proper schedules so that the audience’s interest is maintained throughout.
  • A virtual marketing assistant must quickly cater to all customer queries through online mediums.

What Benefits Do A Marketing VA Bring to Business Owners

Business owners are hugely benefitting from the services provided by virtual marketing assistants, such as:

  • Virtual marketing assistants boost the company’s overall productivity, as their only job is to market the services provided by the company.
  • They allow the different segments of the company to focus on their own goals and stop worrying about the marketing area.
  • You can hire a Marketing VA from a different location, as they will do the work through online/digital mediums.
  • Through exceptional services, business owners can now focus on their preoccupations because the marketing is directly handled by an expert who knows all about the task.
  • Virtual marketing assistants help business owners lower the burden they are carrying on their shoulders.
  • The virtual marketing assistant is usually hired to conserve the company’s resources, as an individual responsible for completing the task instead of multiple people performing the same job.
  • Virtual marketing assistants have proven to be a good source of expanding the customer base, such as an accurate target market. The VA is highly knowledgeable about the audience’s likes/dislikes, preferences, and interests, on which they work efficiently.

Is The Marketing Strategy Change Good or Bad?

Overall, virtual marketing assistance is an excellent step that businesses and organizations are switching to. The main reason behind them choosing VA is that it gives them the chance to focus on different aspects of the business rather than worrying about the budget, finances, employees, etc., who were previously a part of the marketing team.

Another good thing about the virtual assistant is that it saves a lot of resources and labor. Previously, companies used to hire many people to market their services and required a tremendous amount of work to set up their advertisements on billboards, sidewalks, pathways, etc. Virtual assistance has removed the burden of wasting resources by focusing on online marketing efforts. 

The virtual assistance marketing techniques are also saving crucial time that can be invested into something that will help in the growth of the business. The time required to make a marketing team, plan and set ideas, hire further workers, buy advertising products, contact advertising agencies, etc. is all replaced by the simplest of all; social media marketing.

The Service We Offer

MJI Marketing makes everything “simply better” with our exceptional services and authentic results. As there is an increased focus on the internet, it is a great source to expand your business. Businesses and organizations adapting to online marketing are flourishing, giving others a path to follow.

MJI Marketing is a leading marketing firm in Roanoke that is open to all business owners to expand their business through a proper channel. We offer exceptional and guaranteed results through our digital marketing services.

We deal with all types of businesses, regardless of their mission and vision, as our goal is to help you expand your service through our way. We have many successful prospective clients who are now flourishing in their businesses with our help. Our services include the following:

1. Website Designing

We offer custom-made websites that are altered according to your services and requirements. We ensure excellent services in this area as our highly skilled team has a solution for all your concerns. A functional, responsive, updated, accessible, secure, Google-friendly, and attractive website is the key to helping your business grow.

2. Marketing Social Media 

Social media is an excellent source for expanding business, and we offer marketing for platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook through which we will interact with potential customers. The MJI Marketing team is skilled in identifying your organization’s goals and conducting market analysis through paid advertisements. Social media posts will be relevant to your business, creating a solid pathway for expanding your model.    

3. Logo Designing

An impactful logo is all that you need to generate complete customer interest. Our specialized logo designing team creatively conquers the suitable logo for your business. A visually appealing and authentic representation of your mission!

4. Marketing Through Email

If you are looking for a platform that provides marketing via email, MJI marketing is the one for you.  We generate personalized emails that will be sure to end up in the “important mails” folder. Compelling content that can grasp customers’ attention is also effective.

5. SEO Blogs

We offer certified SEO services to gain maximum web traffic. Optimized content with SEO can pop at the top of search engine pages to attract customers.

6. Sponsored Advertisement

Avail the chance to reach out to customers efficiently with a more accessible platform – paid advertisements. We have a sponsorship with Google and Facebook Ads, providing a golden opportunity to expand your campaign with creative and visually appealing advertisements that will be synced to your CRM.

7. Content Creation and Management

Data-driven advertisements are the new way to grasp customers’ interest; MJI marketing has the validity to give your business the chance to grow through paid Facebook and Google ads. A certified and guaranteed campaign through our trained employees is all that you need. A cost-effective method of pay-per-click that doesn’t take time is an uncomplicated and highly advanced marketing method.

8. Managing BirdEye Review

BirdEye Review Management creates an end-to-end first-hand experience for the customer. It also gives a source to connect with existing customers and allows them to choose your business. MJI marketing makes sure to design your website adequately and provide an excellent customer experience. It will help you earn more reviews and lead to your business’s growth.

Bottom Line

Working with a Virtual Marketing Assistant is the latest and most successful running strategy that is gaining immense popularity among businesses and organizations looking to optimize their marketing efforts. Firms are now hiring and reaching out to VA services as they are proving to be an excellent source of business expansion, with minimum wastage of time, labor, resources, and finances.  An individual’s focus is maintained on marketing a business through the VA, which allows the business owners to relax and focus on other aspects of the company. MJI Marketing holds great pride in offering the most advanced kind of marketing that produces guaranteed and authentic results.

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